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Custom Hang Tags for Wine Favors

Custom Hang Tags for Wine Favors

Your Own Winery is proud to offer Custom Hang Tags to add an extra degree of elegance and personalization to your Custom Wine Bottle Favors – Now available with your Guests’ names and table number individually printed on each Tag. (See Hang Tag Steps below)

NEW PRICING: Custom Hang Tags including Guest Names & Table Number – JUST $20 per 60 tags.   FREE Custom Hang Tags with 4 Batches or more of Custom Wine Bottle Favors.

Custom Hang Tags for Wine Favors

Our Wine Favors with Hang Tags at a recent Wedding – see how Elegant they are!

Custom Hang Tags for Wine Favors

Features of our Custom Hang Tags:

>  Hang Tags are available in 3 designs – Round, Oval, Square – images below.

>  Customize the wording for your Hang Tags.

>  Select any standard font for your Hang Tags.

>  Select any background color for your Hang Tags.

>  Select from numerous color hang strings for your Hang Tags.

>  Customize your Hang Tags with Guest names to serve as table place cards. Guest names must be provided in an Excel worksheet in a single column exactly as you would like them to appear on your Custom Name Hang Tags.  Click to Download Excel Worksheet template for Hang Tag Guest Names.

Custom Hang Tags for Wine Favors

Hang Tag Steps:
1. Our Hang Tags are printed in sheets of 12 tags per sheet with have pre-punched string holes in each tag – but YOU must punch-out the tags from the sheet.
2. VERY IMPORTANT: Tying the hang string on your Hang Tags CANNOT be done during your Wine Favors bottling day at our shop – unfortunately this would be far too time consuming during shop hours – thus you must either complete the string tying in advance of your favors bottling day and then can just drop the hang-tags on the bottles at our bottling – or complete the hang tags at home after your bottling.
3. Hang Tag design must be finalized and approved by you for pick-up at our shop at least 2 weeks before your bottling day – so you can attach the hang strings to the tags at home in advance of your bottling day.
4. Or, if you plan to attach the Hang-Tags to your favor bottles at home after your bottling day, design must be finalized 1 week before your bottling day – in which case we will supply you with your Hang Tags and strings on your bottling day for completion at home.