Wine Bottle Wedding Favors

Wine Bottle Wedding Favors, with Your Custom Labels

Welcome to Your Own Winery – your destination for the ultimate Wine Bottle Wedding Favors. A bottle of great wine you and your fiancé have personally selected, made and bottled. For about $6 per favor, including your 100% custom bottle label using a favorite photo which we’ll help you design. And our favor bottles are TWICE the size of the typical wine favor you can purchase online or from a winery.

Special Offer for Custom Wine Bottle Favors 120 bottles or More.

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Wine Bottle Wedding Favors

For your wine bottle wedding favors, we have over 50 wines to choose from, including all the traditional red and white wines, plus many fun wines. All with FREE tastings available to help you decide.

>   Cabernet Sauvignon
>   Merlot
>   Pinot Noir
>   Pinot Grigio
>   Chardonnay
>   Peach Chardonnay
>   Strawberry Riesling
>   Raspberry Cab
>   And dozens more

As pictured above, our wine bottle wedding favors are bottled in 375ml bottles, which are TWICE the size of most pre-made wine bottle wedding favors you can buy. And our 375ml wine bottle wedding favors are only about $6 each, including your Custom Label, filled with wines you personally selected and made. The most personal wine bottle wedding favor you could give. At a price you cannot beat. A wedding favor which will not be left behind on the table.

Our wine-making process starts with wine juice, not wine grapes, so the entire wine-making process is completed in just 6-8 weeks. Our wines are made in batches of 6 gallons, each batch yielding 60 wine bottle wedding favors. You will make your wedding favor wine(s) in 3 steps in our shop over those 6-8 weeks, all with our personal hands-on instruction. So no wine-making experience is necessary. The first 2 wine-making steps take about 1 hour.

The final step is the bottling of your wine bottle wedding favors. Plan on making your bottling day a social event to remember. Invite your wedding party, family, and friends – bring lots of food, even BYO your own favorite wines and beer (sorry, no hard liquor). After all, you will be bottling, corking and labeling lots and lots of wine bottles – so the more hands to help the better – and a fantastic wedding memory to share.

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Special Offer for Custom Wine Bottle Favors 120 bottles or More.

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Custom Hang Tags

Your Own Winery now offers Custom Hang Tags to further personalize your custom wine favors.
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Your Own Winery Wine Bottle Favors on Wedding Reception Table

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