Wine Making at Your Own Winery

Wine Making at Your Own Winery

Free Tasting to Decide – Start with Wine Juice – Done in 8 weeks

100% Money Back Guarantee – Don’t Like Your Wine – 100% Refund – No Questions, No Hassle

Your Own Winery is a New Jersey licensed wine making school in Riverdale (Morris County) (near Blu Ale House) where wine lovers can personally make over 50 great wines in just 8 weeks.  (See Wine Selections)  Expert personal instruction is provided through each step. And your wine making is not a group class – it is your personal and individual wine making session. You select the wine you wish to make by tasting (free) from over 50 samples at our tasting bar. Then enjoy our beautiful, clean and comfortable Tuscany décor shop with the wonderful smell of wine filling the air as we guide you through the process of making your wine. Even BYO snacks and wine to enjoy during your wine making.

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Wine Making at Your Own Winery

Wine Making at Your Own Winery

Wine Making Your Own Winery

Wine Making from Wine Juice

Once you have selected the wine you wish to make, your wine making begins (that same day) with the wine juice specific for your selected wine. Our wine juices come from every major wine growing region in the world – Italy, France, US, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Chile and South Africa. And since our tasting samples were made from the same wine juice as your wine will be – your finished wine will be virtually identical to the wine sample you tasted, loved and selected to make. Do not think of our wines as the home-made wine your grandfather may have made in the basement or garage – come taste for yourself – these are truly great wines. Even though your wine making starts with wine juice, most of our Red Wines include the addition of grape skins so your finished wine has all the character and complexity as if made from grapes.

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Wine Making in Small Batches

Your wine making would be done in a batch of 6 gallons, which is considered “small batch” wine making. Your small batch wine will yield 28 full size bottles of your selected wine. While 28 bottles of wine may seem like a lot – please consider this. How many bottles of wine do you drink each week? If the answer is 2-3 bottles per week like most wine lovers – 28 bottles is only a 2-3 month supply. Plus its wine you personally made, bottled with your custom bottle label, and wine with about 10% the sulfites of store wine, because you made it from scratch in our ultra clean shop and it doesn’t have to sit on a store shelf for 3-4 years.

Wine Making Your Own Winery

Great Wine – Great Price – Share a Batch

And for $10 – $15 per bottle, depending on the wine you select, you will be taking home a wine which easily exceeds a wine you could purchase at the same price. Plus, you will have the fun, experience and pride of personally making your own great wine – finished off with your own custom bottle label using a favorite photo, image or anything else, which we help you design, and best of all its included in the price. But also, if 28 bottles is more wine than you’d like to take home at one time, you can share the batch (and the cost) with friends. There’s no extra charge for sharing a batch.

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Wine Making from Juice – Different than Wine Making from Grapes

Your Own Winery’s approach to wine making – starting with wine juice – is different in several ways from wine making from grapes.

Wine Making from Wine Juice vs. Grapes
Wine Making from Juice Wine Making from Grapes
Done in 8 weeks or less Takes 12 – 15 months
Done in 6 gallon batches – 28 bottles Must do 30 – 60 gallons, 150-300 bottles
Start any time of Year – YES Start only Spring or Fall – Grape harvest time
Taste Wines to Decide – YES NO – Samples/Grapes are different
Oak Barrel Aging – YES, in your personal barrel Oak Barrel Aging – YES
10% Sulfites of Store Wine Low Sulfites NOT possible in large batches
Finished Wine Guaranteed – YES NO – Not Possible – all Grapes are different
Make Wine in a Elegant Tuscany décor Shop Make Wine in a Warehouse

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