Wine Making Steps

Select Your Wine

Taste from over 50 wine samples at our Free Tasting Bar – to decide which wine you’d like to make. Samples have been made from the same wine juice as your wine would be – so your finished wine will be essentially identical to the sample you loved.

Small Batch Wine Making

Wine-making at Your Own Winery starts directly with your selected wine juice, so no grape crushing – and we keep all our wine juices in stock ready for you to start on your first visit. Our wines are made in a “small batch” of 6 gallons (which yields 28 full size 750ml wine bottles). Your wine will contain 1/3 the sulfites of store wine – and a Vegan friendly wine-making process is available upon request.

Session 1 (30 minutes) – Wine Fermentation

Free Tasting to Decide – Start your Wine that same Day

• Mix wine juice and other ingredients (oak chips, grape skins) in primary fermentation vessel
• Add yeast which converts sugars in wine juice into alcohol

Session 2 (30 minutes) – Stabilizing & Clearing

2–3 weeks later

• Transfer in-process wine to secondary fermentation vessel
• Add stabilizing ingredients to cease active yeast fermentation
• Add clarifying agents to help clear wine of suspended particles

Session 2.1 – Oak Barrel Aging
• Immediately after Stabilizing and Clearing, optional Oak Barrel aging is available, which will give your wine a finish to rival wines of $40 or more.

Session 3 (60-90 minutes, but no limit) – Bottling

4–5 weeks later

• BYO food/snacks to enjoy with your finished wine
• Finalize design of your custom labels
• Transfer wine to bottles and cork
• Select and heat-seal a color foil bottle topper to match your label
• Affix your personally customized labels

Session 4 – Enjoy

As Soon as Possible After Step #3

• Remove cork screw from drawer
• Remove cork from bottle
• Pour and ENJOY!