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Your Own Winery – Perfect Venue for your Wine Party

Birthday Parties   –   Anniversary Celebrations   –   Christmas-Holiday Parties
Company Meetings   –   Employee Events   –   Customer Events
Top Reasons to have your Wine Party at Your Own Winery:

>   Beautiful ultra clean Tuscany decor wine shop – a winery-like setting that’s close to home

    >   Our shop will be exclusive to your Party – custom decorate our shop for your Party

        >  You personally select & make great wines to enjoy at your Party

            >  Your Guests bottle, cork & label their own bottle of wine as a party favor – lots of fun for all generations

                >  We’ll take lots of photos (no extra charge) during your Party – so you can share with family and friends

                    >  The most unique and fun celebration you and your guests will ever have

Your Own Winery is an ultra clean, elegant, inviting wine-making shop in Riverdale, NJ on Route 23 North, 1/4 miles north of intersection of Route 23 and Route 287 (same centre as Blue Ale House). Our 2,500 sf shop is a beautiful setting in a Tuscany decor with wine art adorning the walls, racks of authentic hungarian oak wine barrels and the wonderful aromas of wine filling the air. At Your Own Winery, wine lovers can personally hand-craft great wines in only 8 weeks for just $10 – $15 per bottle, including a custom wine bottle label.

Your Own Winery is also a totally unique and LOCAL Wine themed venue for any party or event in which great wine is welcomed and required guest.

Your Own Winery party packages include the host personally selecting and making 2 full batches of wine (typically one red and one white wine – but completely your choice) – to be served at your party – and at your option your guests can bottle, cork and label (your custom party bottle label is included) a bottle of wine as a party favor – guest party favors are typically done in half size 375ml bottles. The included 2 full batches equals 60 full size 750ml bottles of wine – so even after serving the wine at your party and guests bottling a party favor, there will be lots of extra wine for the host to take home.

However, if you would prefer not to have this extra wine to take home and SAVE SOME MONEY – rather than selecting and making from scratch 2 full batches of wine – you can select 2 half batches (equal to 30 full size 750ml bottles) – AND DEDUCT $300 from the prices in our pricing sheet linked below.

Click to our Wine Party Pricing Sheet.

Your Own Winery party packages are available both WITH and WITHOUT food. If “With Food”, we have an arrangement with an excellent caterer – Preakness Gourmet Deli (Click to view Preakness Catering Menu) – you would select the hot entrees.

Call us at  862-200-5808  or email to  with any questions you may have and to check availability of dates for your Wine Party.

We also host exclusive Wine Tasting events for groups of 12 – 40, structured around our ABCs of Wine class.  Click to our ABCs of Wine Class info sheet.

We also a great venue for:
• Engagement Parties
• Rehearsal Dinners
• Bachelorette Parties
Team Building
Girls Night Out
Family Gatherings

For anyone that likes Wine – Your Own Winery is the perfect venue for your wine party. Your Own Winery is designed in an elegant Tuscany-style décor with wine-themed art throughout the shop, a rack of 40 authentic wine barrels for oak aging customer wines, and the wonderful smell of dozens of in-process wines filling the air, giving everyone the feel of being in a true Winery, but at a local Morris County location as compared to far away commercial wineries – all add up to ensure your wine party at Your Own Winery will be a huge success. Your Own Winery, can accommodate wine party with full seating for up to 60 guests, and allowing for some guests mingling & socializing (not seated), events of up to 65-70 guests also work.

We can also accommodate standing/mingling wine party of up to 125 guests for your wine parties, such as networking events, with or without seating for 15-20 guests. We can generally accommodate a private wine party event on any weekday or evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday daytime.

Surprise Events – Birthday Parties, Anniversary Celebrations

Surprise Events are by far our most popular. For your wine party, you would have 100% exclusive use of our shop for the designated event time (generally 3 hours), plus 60 minutes before your event start time for set-up and decorating. As we are primarily a wine-making shop, your wine party would include making wine in advance of your wine party, so your wine is ready to serve at your wine party. You should plan to select and start your wine party wine at least 8 weeks before the wine party date. Also, at your option, which most hosts elect to do, we can arrange to allow your guests to personally bottle, cork and label a half-bottle of your wine as a take-home party favor. This is tons of fun for your guests – and a far better party activity than typical bridal shower games.

Our all inclusive package includes exclusive use of our shop for your event, the making of 2 batches of wine (equal to 60 full sized bottles) which you select from our Premium Series wines, hot buffet entrees from Preakness Gourmet Deli (Click to view Preakness Catering Menu) which you will select (an add’l charge may apply for multiple high-end entrees), a cheese or antipasto platter from Preakness, soft drinks and bottled water, all necessary food serving plates/utensils, and full service from our shop staff. The only items you would need to bring-in if desired – beer for your guests who prefer the hops-based adult beverage (hard liquors are not permitted in our shop by our ABC license), a special event cake and/or desserts, and any decorations you would like for your event.

Click to our Wine Party Pricing Sheet.

Bridal Shower Pricing
We have learned from hosting dozens of Bridal Showers, which generally begin at 12noon Sunday, that the food requirement to satisfy all the guests is a bit less than an evening party with adult couples.
Click to our Bridal Showers Pricing Sheet for full details.

If your event or budget does not fit within the above packages, please give us a call to discuss your wine party ideas – we will try to accommodate your event plan.

Please call us at 862.200.5808 to discuss your wine party or if you have any questions.

Team Building Events

Wine-making at Your Own Winery is an excellent Team-Building activity. Great for groups of 4 to 30. Day and Evening Team-Building events are possible – our scheduling is very flexible. Numerous large and small businesses have hosted team building events with us over the last year.

Wine-making with us is generally completed in 3 steps/sessions over just 8 weeks. However, we can structure your team-building event where your group participates in all 3 steps, just 2 of the 3 steps (generally #1 and #3 below), or just the final step, the Bottling session, which is the most fun, and with 5 individual steps to bottling provides great opportunity for team-work, extra socializing/team-building time, and the chance to enjoy your finished wine. All wine-making steps can be accompanied with food and wine snacks, even BYO wine.

The three wine-making steps:
1. Select Wines and Start Fermentation. Start with sampling wines at our free tasting bar to select the wines you wish to make. Then mix the wine juice with ingredients, most importantly wine yeast, to start fermentation wherein the yeast converts the sugar in the wine juice to alcohol. This step takes 45-60 minutes.
2. Stabilizing & Clearing. Add ingredients to stop fermentation and facilitate clearing (falling of sediments to bottom of wine container), and de-gassing the wine with a blending tool using a cordless drill. This step also takes 30-45 minutes.
3. Bottling. The most fun step. Fill the bottles, cork, and label. Takes 60-90 minutes, or as long as you need. Your wine is ready to enjoy at this step, so bring in some food and snacks, and make it an extraordinary social event for your team. And at the end – you take home your finished Wines.

Wine-making with us is done in “small batches”, which consists of making 6 gallons of the same wine, which yields 28 full-size (750ml) bottles. For each person to have a hands-on experience with the wine-making, we recommend no more than 6 participate in the making of each small batch of wine.

Pricing for small batches of wine-making range from $335 to $425 per batch, depending on the wine selected, with $335 per batch being the most common purchased for team building – or about $55 per person based on 6 participants – with each participant getting 5 bottles of great wine. We also offer an ABC’s of Wine-Tasting Class, which runs about 60 minutes and includes tasting 6 different wines and a cheese pairing, and a talk on the steps in tasting wines. The class is $25 per person. The ABC’s Class can be added to the beginning of any of the 3 wine-making sessions.

All of our customers who have hosted team-building events with us have been immensely pleased – and the participants have had a fantastic experience learning about wines and wine-making.

Please call us at 862.200.5808 to discuss your team building plans or if you have any questions.