Winemaking FAQs

Winemaking FAQs

Why would I want to make my own wine?

There are several very good reasons.

>  For anyone that loves wine, making your own personal batch of wine is lots of fun, educational (learn tons about winemaking), and then there’s the pride and satisfaction that you made it yourself. This of course only applies if the final product is good wine.

>  This leads to the second reason to make your own wine. Your finished wine from Your Own Winery will not be just good, it will be great. But don’t take our word for it – come in and taste some of our wines at our free tasting bar. And because our samples have been made from the same wine juice as your wine will be – your finished wine will be virtually identical to the sample wine you tasted and loved.

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>  Add a custom bottle label which we’ll help you design and it will be a wine you will be very proud to serve family and friends.

winemaking faq

winemaking faq

>  And lastly, because you personally make the wine in a “small batch” (6 gallons), in our ultra clean shop where every piece of equipment has been carefully sterilized, you are able to complete your wine with about 1/3 the sulfites of commercial store wines – a great benefit for anyone who suffers reactions from sulfites.

How does the process work?

1.  Taste, Select & Start.  The first step is to decide which wine you would like to make. This is where the fun begins. At our free tasting bar, sample from over 50 different wines to help you decide. We even do blind taste tests so you are not influenced by the name or type of wine. Once you have a selected a wine, you can start your wine that same day, all done with our hands-on instruction. Starting your wine means starting Fermentation, where you mix several ingredients, most importantly the wine juice and wine yeast where the wine yeast goes to work converting the sugar in the wine juice to alcohol.

2.  Clearing & Stabilizing.  About 2 weeks later, you will come in and add several ingredients, first to stop Fermentation and second to help your wine “clear”, meaning force all the wine sediments to drop to the bottom of the container so your clear wine can be syphoned-off the sediment, so your finished wine will be clear of any sediment. (We also filter your wine – a step we handle – to ensure your wine is sediment free).

3.  Bottling.  About 6 weeks later, you will come in to bottle, cork and label your finished wine – we’ll help you design a custom bottle label in advance of your bottling day. We’ll decant some of you finished red wine, or chill-down some of your finished white wine – BYO snacks and even some outside wine to enjoy while bottling. Make it a bottling party.

All of the above steps are completed in our beautiful ultra clean Tuscany decor shop. We handle all the sterilizing of tools and equipment and the clean-up – you just have fun. Steps 1 and 2 take 30-45 minutes. Step 3, the bottling, can be completed in about 1 hour, but can also be 2 hours if you do a little partying while bottling (BYO snacks and enjoy some of your finished wine).

winemaking faq

winemaking faq

Oak Barrel Aging.  As you can see in the photo above, we have lots of authentic oak wine barrels, and you have the option of aging your wine in one of these Hungarian Oak Wine Barrels. If you are a red wine lover, your finished wine will be extraordinary after just 6-8 weeks in one of our Hungarian Oak Barrels. Our customers tell us repeatedly that our barrel aged Stag’s Leap Merlot, Lodi Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, Italian Brunello, Amarone, Barolo, Super Tuscan, Argentine Malbec and Australian Shiraz are better than $50 store wines – at a price of only $17 per bottle. Also Less Sulfites.  This also has a good deal to do with the 1/3 sulfites our wines contain vs. store wines – less sulfites mean more of the true character and flavors of the wine are able to come through in its taste.

I have never made wine. What happens if my wine doesn’t turn out right?

First, don’t worry, while you will be performing each of the steps to make your wine – we will be right there giving you personal hands-on instruction through each step. Also, since wine-making at Your Own Winery starts directly with your wine-specific juice (as opposed to starting with grape-crushing, which adds lots of risk that your wine will not turn out as expected – and also adds over 1 year to the wine-making process), pre-measured ingredients, and step by step instructions perfected over 30 years – essentially all the risk of your wine not coming out right is eliminated. However, if for some extremely rare and unforeseeable reason your wine does not turn out as expected – we will gladly issue you a full refund – no hassle.

How much does it cost?

Wines at Your Own Winery are made in “small batches” of 6 gallons (small as compared to 60 gallon batches when starting with grapes) – which yields 28 full sized bottles (750ml) of wine. Our small batch wine-making packages range in price from $300 to $425 per batch, that’s $10.70 to $15.20 per bottle (excluding a $15 annual NJ winemakers license and NJ sales tax). These prices are all inclusive – including the bottles, your custom bottle labels and our personalized instruction. Plus these prices are per batch of wine – so there’s no extra charge for sharing a batch with friends – splitting the cost and the finished wine. Share a wine-making batch with friends at the same batch price – so share the cost and the 28 bottles of finished wine.

Call us at  862-200-5808 or email to if you have any questions about wine-making at Your Own Winery.

winemaking faqwinemaking faq