Design Your Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Design Your MacDay Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Your Own Winery is pleased to offer our winemakers the option to design their MacDay custom wine bottle labels on their own computer, by installing Lasting Impressions Designer software on your computer. MacDay labels are beautiful label template designs we offer for those not wishing to use a custom photo label.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels
Custom Wine Bottle Labels

The Lasting Impressions Designer software is ONLY for designing your MacDay custom wine bottle labels – NOT for designing a custom photo label. The Lasting Impressions Designer software will ONLY run under a Windows operating system – the software cannot be installed and will NOT run on an Apple Mac.

Once you have designed your custom wine bottle label, you will save the file and email the file to us at That way when you are ready to bottle your wine, your custom wine bottle labels will be waiting for you, just as you designed it.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Your Own Winery carries many but not all of the MacDay label designs – so be sure to review the MacDay label designs we do offer at the link below – and select one of these designs to create your custom wine bottle label.

PLEASE NOTE: MacDay labels are printed on a special printer containing ONLY black ink, so it is not possible to add a color photo to your MacDay label even though the Lasting Impressions software allows you to do so.

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Download Lasting Impressions Designer software

The Lasting Impressions Designer application is a simple graphic design software with basic design tools, which most should be able to work with after a little practice with the software.  But if you are not comfortable creating your custom wine bottle label using the Lasting Impressions Designer software – no problem, as always we’ll help you design your custom wine bottle labels.

Once the software Zip file downloads to your computer – open the file and click on “setupdesigner.exe” file. This will install the custom wine bottle label designer software on your computer. You may get a warning that this file is a potentially unsafe file type, an “exe” file, because it installs a program on your computer. Click Yes to open the file and continue installation of the software. You will also receive prompts to download updates to the software – please click Yes to these downloads.

Once the Lasting Impressions Designer custom wine bottle label program has been installed on your computer, open the program and following the following steps:

>   Click the Create Label button.  This will open a dialog box allowing you to select the MacDay label design you wish to use.

>   Once you have selected a MacDay label design, the software will open with a blank version of your chosen label design – along with various tools to create your custom wine bottle label. Please Note, personal photos or images CANNOT be added to a MacDay label.

>   Once you have completed your label design – click the floppy disk with question mark Icon. This opens the “Save-Label” dialog box. Name your label design in the File Name box at the bottom of the dialog box – and use the “Save-In” drop down to select where to save your label design.

>   You will need to remember the location you saved your label design – as you MUST email us your label design to:

Click to Lasting Impressions Designer software instructions

Congratulations, you’ve designed your own custom wine bottle label.